Prada's New Film Has Some Very Familiar Faces in It

If you were lucky enough to attend the runway show for Prada's S/S 17 collection, you may already have an inkling about what you're about to see. If not, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Prada debuted its short silent film Past Forward in full on Thursday, previously only played in parts on the runway. Miuccia Prada teamed up with director David O. Russell to create it, but he's not the only familiar name to take part in the production. The film features Allison Williams, Freida Pinto, and Kuoth Wiel starring opposite John Krasinski, Jack Huston, and Sinqua Walls. Through a hazy dream sequence, each couple takes turns acting out bits and pieces of the same narrative. 

"Here was the opportunity to make a journey guided by layers of movie memories, life images and emotions, with no aim except to create art — as if it were a painting or a sculpture — free from normal narrative or audience expectations," Russell explained in an official statement. "The cast and I worked simply for the joy of making art." You really have to see the film for yourself to see what he means. We promise all 13 minutes are totally worth it.

Scroll on to watch Past Forward.



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Opening Image: Prada

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