These Stores Officially Have the Coolest Dressing Rooms Ever

Nothing affects whether or not you buy something quite like the dressing room experience. Often riddled with bad lighting and unflattering mirrors, they can result in a piece you loved on the hanger totally losing its appeal. But when the opposite is true—great lighting and mirrors that have you looking your best—it can have you running to the cash register at warp speed.

Many retailers have started to take note of this, but a handful have gone above and beyond when it comes to making their dressing rooms pleasant rather than pitiful. We’re talking interactive mirrors, art installations, alcohol service, and more! Find out which retailers make the grade, and then some, below.

Scroll down to discover which stores have the coolest dressing rooms on the market!


La Perla

La Perla’s recently renovated Madison Avenue boutique was designed by renowned architect Roberto Baciocchi, making it an art piece in itself. Each fitting room is complete with a metal grating feature evoking ancient confessionals for customers to talk through, as well as individual service bells for requesting help from staff.

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Prada’s SoHo boutique was one of the first to explore interactive technologies when it opened in 2001. Designed by Rem Koolhaas, the dressing rooms are behind a wall of Privalit glass that regularly switches from translucent to transparent. Each room is complete with black-and-white marble floors and banquettes covered in uber-comfortable gel pads.

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Lilly Pulitzer

Offering a resort-chic vibe across the board, all Lilly dressing rooms are hand-painted in custom designs unique to their cities. Lilly was also the first brand to launch custom geofilters through Snapchat this year, so when customers snap pictures in a Lilly dressing room, a custom Lilly-print filter will come up as an option. Word on the street is that a bar cart often pops up at the brand's NYC location, too.

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Kiki de Montparnasse

All of Kiki de Montparnasse’s sensual velvet-draped dressing rooms allow visitors to enter together, if they please, and offer customizable lighting options labeled “Before,” “During,” and “After.” In the same intimate space is a Romantic Portrait Booth, where guests can capture their looks on film to give as mementos to lovers and friends.

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Rebecca Minkoff

All three of the Rebecca Minkoff stores, including the recently opened L.A. flagship, utilize an eBay-powered technology in their dressing rooms that allows customers to search through all available products and request anything of interest. The best part? It’s all done on the mirrors, making for a very futuristic experience.

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Rent the Runway

Every Rent the Runway dressing room comes complete with a special full-length mirror offering multiple lighting settings—office, outdoor, and evening—so that you can see how a piece looks in different environments. The Chicago and D.C. outposts also feature selfie mirrors, where three full-length selfies are taken whenever a customer stands before them.

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Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market's freestanding dressing rooms moonlight as art installations spread throughout the company's stores. At the London location, some of the rooms are reclaimed portable toilets, while all locations feature a funky array of artist-commissioned boxes (like the gray one above), shacks, and curtain-encircled corners.

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