8 Pieces That Will Immediately Make Your Wardrobe More Powerful

In the 2011 documentary Bill Cunningham New York the iconic photographer—when posed with the question of the importance of fashion—stated it was “the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Though we may not consider our clothing to be characteristic of defense, wearing a staple that makes you feel strong enough to withstand life's day-to-day challenges is in fact quite powerful. Sure, these wardrobe regulars may vary from woman to woman, but we’re here to share eight trusty items that have proven to be instant confidence-lifters.

Scroll through to see if you agree with our list!

#1: Tailored Trousers


Vanessa Jackman

It's practically impossible to not feel put together in a pair of well-fitted pants!

#3: Black Pumps


Vanessa Jackman

Having a pair of go-to black pumps in your wardrobe repertoire will change your life for the better.

#4: Versatile Blazer


Style Du Monde

The ultimate layering piece to give you the extra boost of confidence in and out of the conference room.

#6: Crisp White Shirt


Vanessa Jackman

A fresh white shirt looks fantastic with everything from a full skirt to slouchy boyfriend jeans.

#7: Pencil Skirt


We The People

This is the slimming skirt silhouette EVERY woman should own. Need more proof? Read this story.

#8: Trench Coat


Getty Images

There's a reason the trench coat has stuck around since the turn of the 20th century.

Zara Trench Coat ($169)

Do you agree with our list? Share which pieces you feel especially powerful in in the comments section below!

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