5 Jean Styles Every Girl Should Own in 2016

Once upon a time, skinny jeans were believed to be a mere fashion trend; people seemed to think that the legging-like fad would quickly fade. Fast-forward 10+ years and the denim silhouette is now a wardrobe classic that's still being talked about.

The internet (being the internet) has stirred up a buzz of controversy on the topic over the past year, mainly claiming the style is "out." The debate of skinny jeans not being in style anymore was sparked due to reports of sales being down, which is understandable.

But stats aside, we're confident the fit has only graduated to classic status. Most women already have their skinny jeans at this point, which would explain the slight decrease in sales. Now putting our soft spot for skinny jeans aside, today we're focusing beyond the skin-hugging design and sharing the current of-the-moment styles to own. 

So what's next in the blue-jean world? The newest wave of denim consists of five key styles. From the updated vintage look to the wash nearly every celeb is wearing, we want to make sure your closet is stocked with the freshest cuts and colors this year. 

Scroll down to shop the five denim styles every girl should own in 2016. 

Which style will you be adding to your wardrobe? We want to know below. And be sure to tag your denim-obsessed friends in the comments as well!

Opening Image: Style du Monde