9 Items That Will Be Massive in the Blogger World This Fall

We consider fashion bloggers key power players in the world of fashion. More often than not, the minute they post an item on Instagram, Snapchat, or their own blog, said thing (whether that's the latest Dior heels or Gucci bag) catapults into must-have territory. So you can imagine why we turn to these influencers season after season to decipher the trends that are going to be huge. 

Here's the problem. It's only August, so bloggers haven't fully displayed all of their fall musts (but they're starting for sure). Given that our minds are already thinking autumn fashion and we're carefully crafting our wish lists, we certainly don't want to wait around for a few weeks to see what to buy. So to speed up the process, we're predicting the items we think bloggers will wear and love next season.

Keep scrolling to check out our picks. Plus, shop (or at least dream about!) each item, too.

What item are you most excited to wear this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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