3 Popped-Button Solutions to Save Your Best Blouses

Though a wardrobe malfunction is something we all dread, few people are prepared to tackle such an occurrence during their day-to-day lives. Spilt coffee or a ripped seam can quickly ruin a day, but a popped button is a nuisance that has effective fixes—if you have the right equipment or the savvy to get a little crafty. We've put together the three top popped-button solutions to remedy any issues that may arise when you least expect it. So whether you pop a button on your work blouse or find that your button-down dress is missing an essential closure, you'll be able to make a quick fix to last you through the rest of your day.

Keep reading for three popped-button solutions to save your best blouses and beyond.

Sewing Kit

While it's never top of mind until you run into a predicament, carrying a small sewing kit with you can be a lifesaver if a problem arises. If the button pops off without your knowledge, most sewing kits have button options to last you until you get home and can get the popped button correctly repaired.

Twist Tie

If you don't have a sewing kit handy, a simple twist tie can do the trick to discretely keep your clothing secured where the button has popped. You can even secure a loose button with a twist tie if you're afraid it might pop off.

Office Supplies

Chances are high that a popped button will occur at work. It might not be ideal in terms of timing, but it's excellent in terms of what tools you'll likely have on hand. If a simple safety pin is not available to disguise a missing button, double-sided tape can temporarily fix the closure if the button is low load-bearing and isn't essential to the garment's construction. If you need a little more strength, a sturdy paper clip can be carefully threaded through the button holes and thread loops to keep everything in place until the end of the day.

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