The Secret to Pulling Off Polka Dots Without Looking Childish

There’s something delightfully childlike about a good polka-dot print—it reminds us of our more innocent, free-wheeling days, when the biggest decision we had to make every day was what juice box flavor should accompany our lunch. But there’s a very fine line between a trend that’s childlike and one that’s childish.

We’re here to help you decipher the difference—and there’s one big secret to pulling off polka dots without looking like an overgrown kid. Reach for the print in modern silhouettes, and avoid things like large poof skirts, sweetheart dresses, and the like. And remember, whether it’s on an oversized button-up, a lace dress, or even as a small design element on a clutch, polka dots can be an ultra-chic twist on a modern look.

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