One Plus-Size Model Shares the Moving Reason She Gave Up Being a Size 2

The modeling world is still very much divided into two general spheres: straight-size and plus-size. Rare is the occasion when a star model jumps from one arena to the other. But Swedish stunner Sabina Karlsson did just that, and now she's opening up about the powerful reason behind it.

Karlsson was a size 2 straight-size model for years, until the pressure to maintain her body weight became too much after one casting director told her she was too big, even at sample size.

“I was always stressed out: Will I fit the clothes? Will I be happy? Maybe they’ll have to send me back because I’m not skinny enough,” she says in a video interview with i-D magazine. “I remember being in Milan once, and the casting director, she just squeezed my thigh and said, ‘No, no, no, too big.’ Sometimes, models don’t get treated as people, like an actual human being, a person. We’re just being treated as though we’re just products.”

The short film she shot with i-D is so beautiful, and the message so powerful that it's not to be missed.

Watch Karlsson talk about her journey from size 2 to plus-size in the clip above! Then share your thoughts in the comments below, and shop some of our favorite new plus-size pieces too.