This New E-Shop Helps You Find Designers No One Is Wearing Yet

Whether you learned the hard way or not, every online shopper has developed a list of go-to sites they know they can rely on. You might think of one site when you need extra-fast shipping while you head to another site when you want to try out the buzziest trends. Even if you think your personal stable of e-shops is the best out there, allow us to offer another suggestion to add to your list: Plan de Ville.

Harper's Bazaar conducted an in-depth interview with the e-commerce site's founder, Catherine Smith, who explained that the shop stocks up-and-coming designers in order to offer customers access to unique designs no one else is wearing. "Owning something from a new designer communicates insider status, which is priceless," Smith told Harper's Bazaar. We definitely agree with that sentiment. 

Scroll down to shop our picks from Plan de Ville, and head over to Harper's Bazaar to learn more about the site!

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