The Closet-Cleaning Trick Taking Over Pinterest



So you overindulged during the latest round of summer sales, and now your dresser is bursting with jeans and T-shirts. It's okay—don't be afraid to clean out your closet. While sorting through the piles of pieces might be intimidating at first, you'll breathe easier once you can actually find the dress or shoes you're looking for. Our advice is to turn to Pinterest as your guide.

Not only is the website key for spotting cool trends or outfit ideas, but it's also bursting with inspiration for new ways to store your clothes. So we tapped the experts at Pinterest to break down the creative tips for cleaning out your closet that are currently dominating the site. From displaying your favorite items to stylishly adding more storage, these four ideas will help you overcome whatever closet anxiety you may be feeling.

Curious to check out what made the cut? Read on for four tips below!