This Is the Dream Closet of 2016, According to Pinterest

When it comes to fantasizing about your “dream home,” you probably already have a few must-haves on the list. A well-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, and the perfect closet are all expected, but Tech Insider just went a little deeper by working with Pinterest to pinpoint what the ideal home looks like to users in 2016. 

Surprisingly, Pinterest’s version of a dream home focuses on pared-down function with a classic American theme and a few striking pieces. But naturally, we honed in on MyDomaine's version of the perfect closet. Pinners today opt for a minimal closet with clean lines that show off your best pieces without flaunting your collection à la Clueless. Popular storage solutions include see-through pieces and vintage-inspired wicker baskets to both highlight and conceal your wares. 

Want it for yourself? Shop Pinterest’s dream closet below.

Photo: Tech Insider via Apartment Therapy

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Opening Image: MyDomaine