Pharrell Finds a Very Unusual Use for Chanel in His New Campaign

When we said the new Chanel Gabrielle bag will be seen everywhere, we meant it. So far, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Caroline de Maigret have donned the handbag in Chanel commercials, and as of today, Pharrell Williams is joining in the fun.

Pharrell stars in a new Chanel campaign for the Gabrielle bag, and his first full-length ad is totally different than the others. The video spotlights Pharrell having fun and messing around in an empty concert hall. He dives on trunks, tightrope walks across a metal beam, and even comes face-to-face with a mini-me (who appropriately has "Gabrielle" written on his hand), all while wearing a Chanel Gabrielle bag himself. It's Pharrell's first full-length video ad for Chanel, so it's kind of a big deal—especially since Pharrell is the first man ever to star in a Chanel handbag ad.

“My character in the movie is a guy that's probably … really into Chanel, a lot like I am right now," said Pharrell in a press release. "And a lot like myself, he probably just didn't want to take the bag off.”

Watch the Pharrell Williams Chanel commercial below, and see his tightrope walking skills for yourself.

video: Chanel

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