Would You Let a Machine Tell You Your Size at the Mall?

When it comes to our favorite brands, it’s usually pretty easy to guess our size. But every once in a while, we get it totally wrong—which can be disappointing whether we’re shopping online or in-store.

For this reason, online retailers have made efforts to personalize the digital shopping experience so buyers are more likely to make the perfect purchase the first time around. Sizing and product recommendations based on past purchases give online retailers a huge advantage over brick-and-mortar establishments, which was Adobe’s focus at the company’s annual summit this week.

The digital marketing division unveiled a concept designed to scan and display your measurements in-store for the perfect fit. As for product recommendations, you can opt to log in to access past purchase information, just like you can online.

Would you trust a machine to find the right fit for you?

Excited to see this innovation at your local shopping center? Shop a few of our favorite mall brands in the meantime.

Opening Image: Daily Mail