Why Your Initials Are Actually Your Best Accessory

Right now, we’re living in an era where self-promotion is at an all-time high. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we should all be championing ourselves and our abilities. This era of self-promotion (probably a direct result of our epic social media consumption) has seen brands react and shift towards personalising fashion.

We’ve seen it with luxury labels emblazoning their logos all over their pieces—Jeremy Scott at Moschino is probably the biggest culprit (we’re not complaining—if someone can send us this bag, we’d be very thankful), and now it’s starting to gain traction with personal branding.

A growing number of labels are now offering customers the option to emboss, embroider, bead and engrave or custom-make pieces with their initials. Why do we love this trend? Well, for starters, your BFF can’t really get away with borrowing your clutch and forgetting that it’s yours. And if you have a habit for leaving things behind, it’s way more likely it’ll end up back in your hands.

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WHO: Brooke Testoni and her personalised The Daily Edited clutch.

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