The Accessory I Saw Every Parisian Girl Wearing

Earlier this month, I had the very blessed experience of traveling to Paris for a cool trade show highlighting rising clothing and accessories designers from around the world. While the show itself was obviously an awesome experience, there’s nothing that quite compares to just walking around Paris and seeing what the real women are wearing. In a word, chic.

French women, as we have discussed ad nauseam here on Who What Wearalways look stylish—it doesn’t matter if they are going to a cocktail hour or to the grocery store. They won’t leave the house without putting together a look. And on this trip, I noticed one particular accessory on just about every chic French woman I saw: a scarf.

It’s no secret that people in France generally love wrapping up in scarves, but on this trip, I took note of just how omnipresent the accessory really was. There was a slight nip in the air, and the French ladies I saw jumped at the chance to throw on their favorite third piece.

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