This Is the Paris Hilton Video You've Been Waiting for Since 2007

Paris Hilton calls herself the “OG” when it comes to fashion in the early ’00s, and we won’t argue with that. Even if you didn’t wear all the items she did at the time, there’s no denying her influence when you see stars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Chrissy Teigen taking style cues from the heiress and reality TV star. And this gem of a video that debuted today is kind of like Hilton’s own love letter to the style era.

W magazine tapped Hilton to walk through every single ’00s trend that’s still relevant today—13 of them to be specific. And yes, rhinestones, low-rise jeans, and tracksuits made her list of what’s in… er, “hot.” Trends may constantly evolve, but it’s kind of refreshing—and pretty delightful—to see this pop culture “princess” (hey, the girl loves a tiara) stay steadfast to the ones she helped propel.

Scroll down to see all the trends you have Paris Hilton to thank for, whether you wore them more than 10 years ago or you’re wearing them now.


W Magazine

Early millennium style is showing no signs of slowing down, just look to the past Paris Fashion Week runway for proof of the return of the ’00s.