The Outfits Fashion Girls Are Wearing in Paris Right Now

If you love all things glamorous, Paris Couture Fashion Week is basically your dream come true. The actual runway shows aside (not that they aren't the most breathtaking experiences on the planet), fashion girls travel to Paris from far and wide to not only see the couture collections up close and personal but also impress the scene with their street style.

Pulling out all the stops, street style veterans like Olivia Palermo and Giorgia Tordini unsurprisingly showed up dressed to the nines, but so has nearly every other Couture Fashion Week attendee. And while it's easy to be jealous that we aren't actually in the romantic city ourselves, we can't be too upset, because thanks to these stylish women, we have outfit inspiration for days to come.

Go on to see the incredible street style shots from Paris Couture Fashion Week.