The Pants Fashion Bloggers Have Been Ditching Their Jeans For

You know we love a great pair of denim, but there is something about a woman rocking insanely chic trousers that gets our hearts racing. For some reason, there is this stigma that statement pants are difficult to pull off, but just within the past week, fashion bloggers have completely convinced us otherwise. This is not to discredit the magic of jeans, and don't worry, fashion bloggers still wear theirs on the regular, but they are currently proving that stepping outside the box and dabbling with a few other pant styles isn't so bad.

Here, you will see which pant styles bloggers are wearing right now (instead of their denim), in addition to how they forwardly style each. No matter what your shape, age, or style, out of the 11 pant styles here, we guarantee that you will identify with at least one. Are you ready to temporarily set your jeans aside and replace them with a pair of on-trend trousers?

Go on to see the pant styles fashion bloggers are wearing now, in addition to shopping a similar pair for yourself.