5 White Sneaker Outfits That Overperformed on Instagram

I’ve picked up on an interesting trend on Instagram. It’s not a new, buzzy travel destination or a fashion It item or even a viral posing trick. Instead, it’s a type of outfit post that is getting more likes and engagement than the average photo—and it really surprised me. After doing some Instagram research and a little math, I figured out that white sneaker outfits are overperforming on Instagram.

Yes, you heard that right: The simple addition of white sneakers can make those Instagram likes hit a new high. Need proof? Here I’ve included five outfits with white sneakers from some cool influencers that adhere to the observation. All of their photos have huge engagement compared to their average pic. Ahead, I've even included the stats that prove the theory (calculated by comparing the photo's engagement to the influencer's average engagement). So next time you’re picking out your #ootd for Instagram, you might want to consider throwing in a pair of white sneakers.