The One Boot Style That Can Completely Transform Your Outfit

When you think of a go-to boot style, over-the-knee boots probably don't immediately come to mind, but adding this particular style to your outfit will do wonders for your overall look. Purchasing a pair is obviously your first step, so get ready to shop both affordable and designer styles ahead. Once you finally own a pair, the ensembles you can create with over-the-knee boots are endless.

Now for the outfits—are you ready to see the transformative power of this boot style? The reason it can make such a world of a difference is because it adds an element of proportion and texture that normal ankle boots cannot. Ahead, check out the fashion bloggers who always have the most on-point over-the-knee boot outfits. And don't worry, we shopped out their looks so all you have to do is click "add to cart."

Go on to see the easiest outfits to wear with over-the-knee boots.