Okay, Is This Not the Prettiest Legging Trend Ever?

Just when you thought it was impossible for yet another legging trend to pop into existence, the prettiest one ever makes its grand debut. The beloved activewear brand, Outdoor Voices, just released its new Rose Collection, consisting of pink hues ranging from ballet pink to, of course, rose. With the rise of millennial pink and pink shades in general (see here, here, and here), this activewear collection feels more than appropriate.

Beyond just rose-colored leggings, Outdoor Voices also released a plethora of pale pink crop tops, sports bras, and T-shirts to ensure that you can have a head-to-toe rose athleisure look should your heart desire. For those of you who haven't been huge fans of the "controversial" nude or white legging trends we've seen pop up quite frequently this season, this pretty style might just be the one for you.

Go on to shop the rose-colored legging trend from Outdoor Voices.