I'd Wear This Sports Bra on a Date—Is That Wrong?



"Doing things" is the motto of NYC cult workout-wear brand Outdoor Voices. For me, those "things" usually include yoga, running, boxing, or, you know, just relaxing at home. But the brand's latest launch is not just great for a bit of recreation—it's what I'll be wearing on my next date.

Where a standard sports bra is more about function than fashion, the Venus crop is different. Sure, it's great for breaking a sweat, but the design is so pretty, it's hard to resist wearing it out too. The deep-V back and tri-tone color-blocking create a perfect balance between chic and cool. Paired with high-waisted jeans or a slip skirt, it allows me to stick to my usual I'm-not-trying-too-hard aesthetic, comfortable yet chic. And I'm not the only NYC resident who will soon be 'gramming myself in what may be the most photogenic athleisure piece out there.

So whatever you've got coming up on the calendar—a date or Downward Dog—you'll want to consider giving this cool bra a try!