This It Brand Is Officially Endorsing Nude Leggings

When it comes to the most daring of trends, we often spot them on celebrities or the runway first before taking them for a spin ourselves. In this case specifically, we’re referring to Bella Hadid’s nude leggings.

The look is not for the faint of heart, whether you’re wearing them to a workout or in a more laid-back setting. But one popular athleisure brand, Outdoor Voices, is a fan of the polarizing trend, and its whole new collection is dedicated to clothing colors that are a bit outside the norm. “When designing for our summer Mirage collection, we wanted to highlight tonal layering as it naturally occurs in nature (our forever inspiration),” OV’s creator, Tyler Haney, told us. “We were inspired by sand and how the grains are a few different shades but come together to look like a single, smooth color from further away.”

The result is a nude color across tops and pants that make for an unexpected choice. “It's nice to have something a little different than all-black spandex,” Haney tells us. And we must agree: Anyone can opt for a classic dark shade. But nude leggings—even if the shades are not exactly true to every skin tone—totally make a statement.

Are you willing to give it a go? Take a look at a few of the new pieces in Outdoor Voices’ Mirage Collection below, then let us know.