The Oscar Nominee Who Wore the Most Expensive Dress

Yesterday's Oscars ceremony was a feast for the eyes, thanks in large part to the female acting nominees and their gorgeous gowns (and Leonardo DiCaprio, of course). We're still in denial that award season is over, so we're soaking up all the details on last night's fashion while we can.

We're used to hearing price quotes on the jewels that drape the stars on the red carpet, but what about the gorgeous designer dresses? In case you were wondering how much the night's nominees' gowns would cost if one were to pay for them, Forbes put together an informative and fascinating iconograph detailing the price of each based on estimates from LookLive, a company that tracks celebrities' attire. The female nominee with the most expensive gown at this year's ceremony? That would be Charlotte Rampling, whose Swarovski crystal–embellished Armani Privé gown clocked in at $125,000, followed by Cate Blanchett, also in Armani Privé, and Jennifer Lawrence in her usual Dior, both coming in at $100K. Rampling, nominated for 45 Years, looked cool and confident in her impeccably tailored gown. Scroll down to see the actress in her six-figure gown, and head over to Forbes to see all the stats!



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On Charlotte Rampling: Armani Privé dress.

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