Oprah's Closet Is Jaw-Dropping

Considering her well-establish superstar status, we assumed that Oprah's closet would be no less than spectacular, to match her career and budget. As suspected, we were proven correct this week when The Coveteur took the world inside one (yes, just one) of Oprah's closets—her "work closet" at Harpo Studios in Chicago. Since the studio closed for business late last year, this was Winfrey's opportunity to clean out her closet, as she's auctioning off the contents on eBay from March 1 to March 4, with all proceeds going to her charity.

Winfrey's process involved weeding out the bright colors and keeping the neutrals. As she explained to The Coveteur, "I just don't need all this intense color, the embellishment, the heels anymore. When you're in front of TV cameras every day, you have to stand out, but I'm in a different place now, and those things no longer serve me." As we perused the images of the massive closet, it became clear that Winfrey certainly has a thing for beautiful shoes. We spotted a plethora of Christian Louboutin, Prada, and Manolo Blahnik pairs lining the built-in shelves.

Click below to get a glimpse of Oprah's work closet, and head over to The Coveteur for more! (And next time you're tasked with cleaning out your closet, just remember that Oprah does it too.)

Do you spy any pieces that you'd like to purchase from Oprah's eBay auction? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: The Coveteur