This Brand Just Replaced Logos With Something Much More Powerful

>The fashion world and the dance world have historically been creative collaborators, but it’s never been more obvious than right now. We’re currently in the middle of a craze that’s brought us everything from graceful tulle layers and a resurgence of ballet flats to a truly unexpected sneaker hybrid. And now Opening Ceremony has teamed with a professional dancer for its latest collection and is setting itself apart with a powerful message, too.

>The Times Are Racing, which debuted this past week at the New York City Ballet, is not only the name of a piece created by the ballet's resident choreographer, Justin Peck, it's also Opening Ceremony's collection designed by Humberto Leon (who also costumed the ballet).

>The collection is full of both beautiful and powerful pieces. Hoodies and tees in the new line are emblazoned with the words "change," "protest," "act," "defy," and "fight," intended as a "meditation on the American melting pot," according to a press release. And the collection as a whole—complete with silky and lacy dresses, ballet wrap tops, and army green bomber and canvas jackets—aims to "channel serendipity and connection" between strangers.

>Scroll down to take a look at some of the key pieces in Leon's new lineup. Some pieces are available to shop right now on Opening Ceremony.

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