The Resort 2015 Collection That Really Has Us Dreaming Of The Tropics

It's fair to say that, by definition, resort collections are meant to inspire fantasies (and, perhaps, for the lucky ones among us, possibly even plans) to visit exotic tropical destinations. The clothing and accessories are designed not only to appeal to the escapist in all of us, but also for a certain amount of utility. After all, when you're frolicking on the beach in Balí, you need to feel comfortable, right?

Opening Ceremony has achieved both qualities to maximum effect in their new Resort 2015 collection. Featuring a number of prints and fabrics ranging from monochromatic looks in pastel pinks and blues—to unapologetic floral prints inspired by oversized flowers you might only find in the deepest tropical rainforests—the Humberto Leon and Carol Lim-created line has us hardcore dreaming of an escape from the day-to-day and a fabulous trip to somewhere far, far away.

Check out for favorite looks from the collection below, and tell us: Do you also think of a tropical dreamworld when you see the clothes?