Opening Ceremony Just Redid the Nike and Adidas Logos

With athleisure’s popularity holding strong, brands are looking for ways to keep their athletic wear fresh. Opening Ceremony, always cutting-edge and creative, just struck gold by redesigning famous sportswear logos with artist James Merry. The exclusive 18-piece unisex collection will only be available at Opening Ceremony’s Howard Street location in New York City, where Merry will also be stitching for all to see from December 10-13 during store hours. The new logos, which are interlaced with embroidered flowers, mushrooms, and more, have a whimsical effect that makes for an awesome juxtaposition. Retailing between $800 and $950, the pieces certainly aren’t cheap, but, if you ask us, they’d be a great investment in your wearable art collection. Deciding which logo to go for is another story—we’re pretty obsessed with them all.

Scroll down to see our favorites, and head to Vogue to see the rest!