The Unlikely New Jewellery Trend That's Made for Australians

Opals are among the most precious gemstones in the world—and Australia is home to more than ninety percent of the global supply. The iridescent gemstone (with healing properties) has been a staple for bohemian types since forever, but now the fashion world is beginning to take notice, and as smug Australians, we don’t blame them. Fashion girls love to be different, and the beauty of opals is that no two stones are the same.

So why now? Traditionally, opals have been the gemstone you find while rifling through your grandmother’s jewellery box i.e. dated designs and extremely expensive. But now, jewellery designers like Jordan Askill and Olivia Kane have created pieces that are not only on-trend but also affordable.

Keep scrolling to shop the jewellery trend we can’t get enough of.

Do you love opals? Do you remember them from your childhood? Share your memories in the comments below.

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