Musical BonBons

When we were angst-filled teens we loved making mix tapes in our room. The carefully selected tracks, arraigned with precision, were our voice when words wouldn't suffice. They could be a message in a bottle to a beau, a time capsule for a particularly dramatic quarter, or, most importantly, a mood maker.

Consequently, we've always been immoderately fond of soundtracks-the professional mix tape. Sultry nights call for Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty, family drama calls for Anderson's The Royal Tennebaums, and the treadmill is jazzed up with Tywker's Run Lola Run.

Few make a better compilation than Sophia Coppola. We adored both of The Virgin Suicides soundtracks (one disc, 70s hits, the other disc, moody and full of Air) and made many a copy of Lost In Translation. Coppola has created another masterpiece with the songs from Marie Antoinette. The 26 tracks are available on iTunes, and are chock o block with nuggets like a remix of Bow Wow Wow's Fools Rush In and our favorite New Order song, Ceremony. The final result is an aural confectionary, and to paraphrase the song, we want candy.