TopShop Online

Abbey Road...Buckingham Palace...the Tate... WhoWhatWearDaily craves not these things. It is with shameful pride that we confess that our favorite part about London is Topshop. Almost everything there is cheap and chic, and best of all, unavailable Stateside (no one will know how little you shelled out for your sweet outfit).Topshop has always had a website-albeit awful. They didn't list all products available, the pictures were difficult to decipher, and you weren't completely sure that what you'd order would turn up on your doorstep. Fortunately, much like recent improvements in British National Dental Care, Topshop now has a full-service online store that is extremely user-friendly and has a much improved appearance.

We wish H&M would get it together and join the virtual shopping world too. Until then, Britannia rules.

From the Editors' Desk (yes we share one):

Perhaps this goes without saying, but there are several things to keep in mind when ordering clothes from Topshop. All prices are in pounds, so you'll need to convert (there are many websites devoted to this) to get the American price. All items are in UK sizes, so don't forget to check their "size chart" to get the right fit. Katherine has found that the Topshop shoes run a bit small, so if you are on the fence about that half size, go up.