The Perfect T-Shirt

The editors of WhoWhatWearDaily have been on a decades-long (or at least it seems that way) quest for the perfect t-shirt. Our Mr. (T) Right wish list? It must hug the body in the right places, have some give and hang to make it figure-forgiving, and it should be paper thin and super soft-almost vintage-like to the touch.

One focused editor (Katherine) found what she was looking for recently; the American Apparel Tri Blend Track T ($18). It feels fantastic to the fingers, fits like a man's t-shirt without being boxy, and the sleeves are perfectly proportioned for a woman's arms. The sole drawback? It only comes in gray. WWWD prays to American Apparel to expand this shirt's color line. If you really need a white t-shirt, American Apparel makes another style that's a close second, The Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Woman's Summer T-Shirt (also $18). Both tees are a great foundation for the season's layering looks and equally fitting for a summer garb. Now please excuse us, all that searching means we need a nap.