The Swimsuit Style That Every NYC Girl Loves

If there's one thing most women can agree on, it's that buying swimwear is nothing short of torture. Finding a trendy style, trying it on, praying it offers as much support as you need… And, unfortunately, by this point in the summer, it's starting to feel like we've worn every one of our swimsuits a few too many times. Between using up vacation days and escaping the city on the weekends, we're all in need of some new beachwear, so off on a shopping venture we go. Lucky for us, NYC's influx of trendsetters makes it the perfect place to look for some much-needed style inspiration. In fact, given that summer is swimwear's busiest season, the mere number of suits available is nearly enough to scare us straight back into our overworn swimsuits.

But worry not. To help you out we've rounded up the top swimwear trends that every NYC It girl cannot stop wearing. The one style that's showing up everywhere? One-pieces, and we're not talking about your grandma's full-coverage ones. With cutouts, you don't have to give up showing some skin just because you opted out of a bikini. Despite the tan lines you'll most assuredly have, the Instagrams will make it all worthwhile.

Read on for more ways to look your best at the beach this summer.