How One Cold-Weather Piece Is Essential for These 3 Bloggers

If you prefer to spend your time outdoors rather than in buzzing shopping centers during the holiday season, then you’ll identify with these three bloggers. Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, Lindsey Calla of Calla in Motion, and Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde all pride themselves for having really active lifestyles.

The three bloggers teamed with Eddie Bauer to create their own Custom MicroTherm® Jackets to not only be a functional piece in their wardrobe, but to also add a sense of style to their adventurous ensembles. Here, you’ll see why they consider it their essential go-to wardrobe piece and how it works beyond the outdoors. Fashion and functionality? A total win-win.

Keep reading to see how these bloggers style their Eddie Bauer Custom MicroTherm® Jackets and for a look into their adventurous worlds.


If you’re out on a hike and want to snap a few ’grams, make sure your look is on point. An easy way to do this? Customize your look.


You’d be fooling yourself if you thought the only time you’d be wearing your jacket is on an outdoor adventure. Pick one that will go beyond your hike and take you into your daily activities.

How would you customize your Eddie Bauer Custom MicroTherm® Jackets? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to use the hashtag #EBCustom when you share!