17 Photos of the Olsen Twins That Blew Up on Pinterest

If there's a singular set of individuals who could be said to "own" Pinterest, it might just be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We did a bit of digging and used our keen Olsen-sensing noses to find out just how popular the twins are on Pinterest.

We ended up discovering the Olsen twin images that are the most repinned of all time, with more than 1,000 repins each. Some of these reach into the upper-2,000 range—and we can't say we're surprised. As if this hasn't already been firmly established, the Internet is obsessed with the Olsens.

Click through the gallery below to see the 17 most repinned Olsen twin photos of all time!


Freddie Baez/StarTraksPhoto via Pinterest.com

1035 repins

1065 repins

1112 repins


Getty / Mark Mainz via Pinterest.com

1120 repins

1157 repins


Carter Smith via Pinterest.com

1158 repins


Nylon Magazine via Pinterest.com

1364 repins

1386 repins

1674 repins

1745 repins


Warner Bros. via Pinterest.com

1806 repins

2024 repins

2515 repins


Garance Doré / Trunk Archive via Pinterest.com

2634 repins

2639 repins

2689 repins


Courtesy Elizabeth and James via Pinterest.com

2700 repins