The One Thing Olivia Palermo Packs to Make a Hotel Feel Like Home

So you’re going on a trip. You’ve remembered to pack all the necessities, like your toothbrush, makeup, socks, pajamas, and more. What’s missing? Well if you’re Olivia Palermo, there’s one simple yet luxurious item that makes all the difference.

In a new interview with Allure, Palermo revealed her favorite travel essential. “It’s important to bring things that make your hotel room feel comfortable, and for me, that’s Jo Malone or Diptyque travel candles,” she told Allure. “The scents give me a lift and make me feel at home and at peace.” We’ll admit it: We’re usually too focused on planning weather-appropriate outfits and keeping clothes wrinkle-free to be concerned with making a hotel feel like home. But Palermo officially convinced us that we’re overlooking this important detail—consider candles on our permanent packing lists from now on.

Take a hint from Olivia Palermo and scroll down to shop travel candles by Jo Malone and Diptyque!

What‘s your all-time favorite travel essential? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Splash News

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