Blair Waldorf Would Love Olivia Palermo's Latest Look

When it comes to NYC trendsetters, one of the first names to come to mind is most definitely Olivia Palermo. The stylish socialite has a knack for mixing and matching lust-worthy designer pieces with finds from Zara or Topshop. And while Palermo has been busy setting the trends during fashion month, one of her latest looks in Paris felt reminiscent of another chic New Yorker. Yep, it was Gossip Girl's most stylish Upper East Sider, Blair Waldorf we instantly thought of upon seeing Olivia's ensemble.

Sure, the headband was the first giveaway (it was Waldorf's signature piece after all), but look more closely, and the rest of Olivia's outfit has hints of Blair in it too. From her structured clutch to her furry jacket, and let's not forget the bow draped around her neck, there were plenty of similarities to draw on.

Read on to see Olivia Palermo's look in Paris!