This Olivia Palermo Outfit Will Make You Look Taller


Getty Images

As we've seen time and time again, Olivia Palermo is a master of sartorial trickery. From making her waist look impossibly slim to highlighting her best features (which, let's face it, is all of them), Palermo really knows just how to use fashion to her advantage.

When she stepped out in New York the other night, Palermo (dressed from head to toe in Burberry) looked even taller than she naturally is, and we spotted three things she did to elongate her silhouette. First, she went for high-waisted flares, which make her legs look long and lean; second, she wore pointed heels to extend her frame; and last but not least, she topped it all off with a choker, which draws attention upward—overall creating long, lean lines.

We admire this woman's ability to dress in ways that continue to blow our minds. In her honor, we curated some of our favorite high-waisted bottoms to make you look taller than ever. Shop them below!

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