Olivia Palermo Conquered Winter With This Skinny-Jeans Outfit

When in NYC in January, one must face the snow, as was evidenced by the winter storm that barreled down on the city just a few days ago. But Palermo's busy schedule probably doesn't allow for many days stuck indoors, so she regularly serves up cool winter outfit ideas that are actually warm. Her latest is no exception. Palermo pulled off a warm winter outfit that's actually stylish with the help of a little interesting layering on the top and slim jeans or pants (in this case, skinny jeans) and snow boots on the bottom. This combination has proven time and again to be her ticket to a flattering, stylish cold-weather outfit.

Instead of just throwing on a puffer and calling it a day, Palermo's layered look started with a plaid flannel shirt, followed by a cape featuring a similar color palette (a cardigan would also work); she topped it all off with a fur coat. Add on a few statement accessories and you have a winter outfit fit for a stylish NYC girl. 

See Olivia Palermo's perfect winter skinny-jeans outfit below!