Olivia Palermo's Boots Are Actually Perfect for Your Cropped Pants

Spotting Olivia Palermo in a chic and creative all-black outfit is nothing particularly new. But in one of her most recent looks she wore at London Fashion Week, there was one detail that really stood out: Palermo’s boots. And they had a unique shape to them, too.

The style star’s Jimmy Choo Mazzy boots featured an elastic band across the front that not only helped secure a snug fit but also created a distinct U shape, as it expanded a couple of inches below the point where the boot ended on her ankle. The silhouette, along with a cropped pants, works especially well because the small peek of skin helps elongate the leg, as in Palermo’s case.

Scroll down to see how this styling trick panned out, as well as the cool blend of textures (velvet striped shirt, ruffled coat, buttery soft leather pants) that Palermo assembled for this all-black and far-from-basic look.

Do you have any other clever tricks for elongating your legs? Fill us in below.