Olivia Palermo Wore Flip-Flops With Skinny Jeans (and It's Really Cute)

As you know, if and when it's acceptable to wear flip-flops has been debated ad nauseam, but with summer approaching, it's inevitably a hot topic again. Which brings us to Olivia Palermo's latest look. Since she's arguably one of the biggest trendsetters and one of the most influential fashion girls of our time, when she wears an item that's controversial, it's noteworthy.

Palermo was out running errands in New York today wearing a pair of her favorite skinny jeans and—you guessed it—flip-flops. So how did she make the simple black flip-flops actually look chic? Instead of pairing them with sloppy, overly-casual pieces, she chose polished ones instead, like her military-esque button-down, cream-colored coat, and pink mini satchel. Regardless of how you feel about flip-flops, in this particular case, Palermo's outfit looks effortless and perfect for the winter-to-spring transitional period we're in.

Check Olivia Palermo's skinny jeans and flip-flops outfit below, and shop the look for yourself!