Hate Heels? Olivia Palermo's Flats Look Is Here for You

Olivia Palermo has a knack for perfectly combining the polished and the practical, mixing couture with Zara, and, like her latest look demonstrates, proving a fancy ensemble doesn't require high heels. Palermo recently dressed up for a party in NYC, styling a ruffled pink mini dress by Amur with a pink structured bag and pointed flats with bow details by Jimmy Choo. 

While traditionally, such a party dress might call for a pair of color-coordinated pumps or heeled sandals, Palermo's comfortable footwear makes for a fun update on party dressing. Not only does her footwear of choice make things ideal for perusing the party pain-free, but it lends a bit of balance to her ultra-feminine outfit. So the next time you're obliged to do a bit of dressing up, take a cue from Olivia and leave heels behind for flats instead.

Read on to see Olivia Palermo's flats look, and to shop styles for yourself!