The Fashion Film Olivia Palermo Thinks You Should Watch

For the first edition of InStyle’s recent partnership with Fandango for a stylish take on its I Love Movies series, stylish tastemaker Olivia Palermo was tapped to comment on the film that's nearest and dearest to her heart. Interestingly enough, her favorite isn’t the first that may come to mind when you think of stylish films (e.g., Clueless, Love Story, or anything from Audrey Hepburn’s œuvre.) Palermo's favorite is slightly more obscure—1958's Auntie Mame.

All things considered, it’s not as surprising as you’d think, given that it’s a comedy about a free-spirited Manhattan socialite… Palermo makes her case for the flick, saying that among the things she loves about the film are the 1920s time period and Mame’s stellar accessorizing skills. She says, “I look at the costumes, the interior design, and I’m inspired by it.” She continues, “I’m very much about accessories, and she always has an amazing statement piece.” Watch Palermo discuss her affection for Auntie Mame in the engaging video below, and keep scrolling to shop statement accessories that both Palermo and Mame would love!



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Opening Image: AKM-GSI