Olivia Palermo’s Favorite City for Fashion Inspiration Is…

In a recent interview with Total Beauty, Olivia Palermo describes her personal style as “colorful, eclectic, accessorized, and tailored,” shares the summer trends she’s most excited for, and reveals her favorite city for fashion. Dying to know her answers? Keep reading! 

So what are the Palermo-approved trends for summer? “I was really excited about fringe and tassels last season, and there’s been a new take on it. Rebecca Minkoff did a great tassel bag, and Tibi did a great fringe leather skirt. And I love the wide-leg pant look for summer—it’s so chic. Frame does a great pair.”

When asked if she has a particular style icon, Palermo replied, “I really get my inspiration through my travels and seeing young, stylish girls all over the world. Im inspired by how they wear things and how theyre excited about fashion. I see that more and more on the streets now because I think fashion has become much more mass and commercial. And a lot of that has to do with e-commerce.” And the city she dubs her favorite for fashion inspiration? “Tokyo. You see all types of fashion on the street.” 

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Have you ever traveled to Tokyo? What did you think of the fashion? What’s your favorite city for style inspiration? We want to know in the comments below!