How Olivia Palermo Styles Flats for a Casual Day in Paris 

If we could dress exactly like Olivia Palermo on any given day of the week, we would, but to dress like her while she is galavanting around Paris? Now that would be the dream. In her most recent look, she effortlessly styled a pair of Jimmy Choo flats with skinny jeans and a bomber jacket. As much as we would expect Palermo to step out in heels and a midi dress or even a sleek pantsuit, she chose this no-fuss ensemble that highlights how crucial a good pair of flats is to any woman's wardrobe.

She basically just proved to everyone that flats can most definitely be made chic when the outfit combination is right. If it's chic enough for her to wear in Paris, it's chic enough for us to wear, well, anywhere.

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