We're Into This Unexpected Prairie Skirt Look, Olivia Palermo

Finding a single pair of shoes that look good with everything in your closet makes finding the needle in the haystack seem like cake. Even for classic stiletto pumps, white sneakers, or black ankle boots, there are tons of subtle variations in design that can make them better suited for one specific type of outfit over another. But Olivia Palermo hit the jackpot with the latter style and has been wearing one specific pair of booties with nearly every silhouette.

Most recently, we spotted the style star in an unexpected combo of billowy prairie skirt with her Miu Miu double ankle-strap ankle boots. While it may not be the most obvious of choices, the contrast of the fluid hemline and sturdier, studded soles make this ensemble feel balanced and cool.

Furthermore, upon closer inspection, we found that Palermo’s been repeating her footwear with varying looks, including a mini-hem all-white dress and cardi, as well as a trouser-and-turtleneck outfit. While the insider may have access to tons of new clothes whenever she desires, we love that she’s proving her existing wardrobe can go for miles.

Below, take a look at the ankle boots Palermo’s paired with everything. We’re sure there’s more to come.

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