How Olivia Palermo Stays Chic While Bundling Up for the Cold

On one of the coldest days of winter, Olivia Palermo managed to still look utterly chic while cozying up in layer upon layer. She has a multitude of styling tricks in her arsenal, but the one she relied on to keep her multilayered ensemble looking polished rather than bulky is so simple. Palermo donned a belted coat as her outermost piece, allowing the navy number's leather obi-style belt to create the illusion of a waistline and break up the heavy material.

Even with an oversize ribbed turtleneck popping out above the coat's wide collar—which allowed just enough of a break in material for her face before a classic beanie topped off her cozy look—Palermo did not appear swallowed up by her smartly applied layers. Her knee-high suede boots worn over black leather leggings helped to elongate and slim her silhouette. So, on days when it's just too cold to not pile on the layers, consider a belt to bring the look together and allow a clean break in the abundance of materials.

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