Olivia Palermo's Dog Helps Her Shop for the Holidays—Watch the Hilarious Video

If you're a fan of Olivia Palermo's off-duty style, you may have noticed a recurring theme in her paparazzi photos: She's always out with her adorable dog, Mr. Butler! Now the pup is setting his sights way beyond street style notoriety—the cute canine has officially landed his 15 minutes of fame in the form of a new video by Amazon Fashion Europe. Pretty soon, he'll need his own agent. 

In the one-minute clip, Palermo offers up suggestions from her closet for holiday gifts for her friends but ends up convincing herself to keep the items instead. (Haven't we all been there?) True to form, the video features Palermo looking impossibly chic, clad in everything from a fringed pencil skirt to a floral midi dress. Cuteness overload and some stellar style? Now that's a winning combination if you ask us. 

Scroll down to watch Olivia Palermo's new video with Amazon Fashion Europe, starring her adorable dog!

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Opening Image: Getty Images