The Top Style That Makes Me Feel Instantly Attractive

I’ve never been one to dress overtly sexy. I feel comfortable and confident in a T-shirt and jeans, and my office uniform typically entails a button-down–and-trousers combination of some sort, which is why the subject of today’s post is an unexpected choice for me.

I attribute most of my enthusiasm for the off-the-shoulder top to Amy Smilovic of Tibi, who (in my opinion) sparked a cold-shoulder movement with the brand’s signature tunic, which fashion insiders like Olivia Palermo can’t get enough of. And on the subject of stylish insiders, Net-a-Porter’s Sarah Rutson declared off-the-shoulder tops the trend that looks flattering on women of all ages and sizes across the spectrum—and I agree with her. Not only do they accentuate one of my all-time favorite body parts, the clavicle, but they also don’t feel overly revealing. The perfect date top, the perfect picnic top, the perfect everything top (except maybe the perfect office top, but click on the link to read more about that). If you agree with me and want to feel instantly attractive (#rhetorical), scroll to shop my picks!