The Popular Shirt That Fashion People Are Totally Over

Summer 2016 is officially over, and so too, it seems, is the season's reigning trend, at least according to Eva Chen. To be fair, it's difficult for popular fashion to avoid swiftly become passé in a world of accelerated sales cycles and ever-present social media. Thus the off-the-shoulder top that took our collective sartorial predilections by storm has finally worn itself out after an impressive run.

The head of Instagram's fashion partnerships just declared the trend over in one fell swoop by way of an impeccably timed #OOTD. Eva Chen posted a photo of herself in J.W.Anderson's seersucker-suggesting interpretation, announcing it was "probably the last off the shoulder" she'd wear.

It wasn't long ago that the fashion world celebrated the reemergence of the classic number, fueling the craze for shoulder-exposing styles. As Man Repeller wisely notes (in its own analysis of the trend's end), all you have to do is take a look at images of movie stars from the '50s to appreciate "the original collarbone queens." Readying our own collarbones to take center stage, we witnessed the trend from its propitious beginnings punctuating style blogs to its outright engulfing of retailers' racks. For months we played enthusiastic spectators (and participants) to serious shoulder-baring in its variety of silhouettes.

In the wake of the oversaturation of shirts showing off shoulders, one must decide whether to nix the summer staple in favor of new necklines (the "all good things must come to an end" mentality) or simply dust off their décolletage and soldier on—with updated iterations just in time for fall. If you're of the latter set, unaffected by the speedy whims of the fashion cycle, all the more power to you.

Keep scrolling to see how Eva Chen mastered the off-the-shoulder top one last time and shop her look for yourself!

Do you agree that the off-the-shoulder trend is over? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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